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SUMMARY &   Experienced software developer and systems engineer with
OBJECTIVE   over 15 years of experience. Seek position as system
	    integrator of software systems.  Strong interest in system
	    requirements analyses, and full life-cycle design as well
	    communications, graphics and information management

SOFTWARE    C++, C, Fortran, Pascal, Ada, UNIX (HPUX, IRIX, SCO), HTML,
	    Ultra16, ROLM 1666 and Univac Assembler. Software packages
	    used include MS Windows, WordPerfect, FoxBase and Quattro
	    Pro. Case Tools: StP OMT, Rational Rose, RTM, HP OpenView.

HARDWARE    HP 9000 (700 Series), SGI IRIS 4D/310VGX, SUN SPARCstation
	    10/20, DEC Vax, Rolm 1666 (Mil-Spec Data General NOVA),
	    Masscomp 5500 series, UNISYS 1100 & 2200, IBM PCs and

	    (formerly HUGHES AIRCRAFT COMPANY)              Landover, MD

  1995 to   Systems Engineer on the Management Subsytem for the Earth
  Present   Observing Information System/Data Information System (EOSDIS)
	    Core System implementing a distributed network of data products
	    comprised mostly of remote sensing data. Currently responsible for
	    reviewing requirements for the planning and processing area and
	    developing object models following Object Oriented Analysis and
	    Design methodologies such as Object Modeling Technique (OMT).

	    COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION                   Lanham, MD

  1990 to   Senior Member of the Technical Staff. Responsible
  1995      for maintaining attitude and orbit determination software
	    that will be reused by many other Flight Dynamics software
	    projects at the Goddard Space Flight Center. This library
	    of units is in the process of being ported from the IBM
	    mainframes to other platforms, specifically HP UNIX
	    workstations. This reuse of software should decrease
	    development costs and shorten delivery schedules. Also
	    developed and refined existing software, incorporating
	    system wide improvements that provided ground terminal
	    based communication with a repeater satellite (TDRS). The
	    Hubble Space Telescope and NASA's Space Shuttles are just
	    two systems directly supported by TDRS. 

	    OAO CORPORATION                               Greenbelt, MD

  1988 to   Software Engineer responsible for the software design
  1990      effort on the Naval Environmental Data Network (NEDN)
	    Oceanographic Data Distribution Expansion System (NODDES).
	    Provided the top level design, structured requirements
	    analysis, structured design and formal design review
	    presentations. Developed a Software Requirements
	    Specification (SRS) for one subsystem for NODDES. As part
	    of a software team, developed a turnkey system to collect
	    weather data, produce and distribute reports and present
	    remote weather briefings. The system consisted of networkedÔ
	    communicated via a proprietary multiİcast network.  The
	    PC's used a proprietary multiİtasking kernel under MSİDOS
	    to monitor network traffic, capture satellite and radar
	    transmissions, and interact with the user. Used TurboC,
	    TurboDebug (remote) and the Blaise Toolkit. 

	    VITRO CORPORATION                        Silver Spring, MD

  1982 to   Software Engineer following a topİdown structured programm-
  1988      ing methodology in the development of the Wrap Around
	    Simulation Program (WASP) for the Canadian Naval missile
	    contract TRUMP. Coding and testing performed on the console
	    control, display and command control status subfunctions.
	    Devised Subprogram Integration Tests (SPITs) for the
	    Vertical Launch System (VLS) portions of the TRUMP WASP. 
	    Tests were designed to verify all requirements in the TRUMP
	    VLS Program Performance Specification (PPS) at the system

	    Supported the TERRIER and TARTAR guided missile program.
	    Responsible for Missile Uplink and processing functions of
	    the Weapons Direction System (WDS) along with Display and
	    and Control functions. Coding, unit testing, documentation 
	    updates performed in accordance with DOD-STD-1679A.

	    VITRO CORPORATION (continued)            Silver Spring, MD

	    Computer Programmer serving as technical lead on a Data
	    Analysis and Reduction program for the Surface  and šGround
	    Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM & GLCM) TOMAHAWK project
	    coordinating design, coding and documentation changes.
	    Prepared and led product demonstration to Air Force
	    Personnel.  Streamlined foreground process in the WASP that
	    simulates the digital and analog signals of the SLCM
	    Weapons Control System. Coding done in Fortran and

	    Responsible for scheduling task assignments, project
	    manpower estimates and submitting milestone charts.
	    Developed new coding standards for GLCM software accepted
                      by U.S. Air Force. Followed long term schedules that
	    resulted in meeting initial government delivery deadlines.
	    Devised solutions to problems discovered in the testing of
	    realİtime interrupt driven GLCM software using a symbolic
	    debugger to install octal patches.

	    UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND                   

  5/81 to   Research Assistant working on a Pattern Recognition project
  12/81     in Fortran on a Univac 1100 that determined whether two
	    sets of points represent the same picture.

	    NATIONAL BUREAU OF STANDARDS(renamed NIST) Gaithersburg, MD

  5/79 to   Student trainee (Mathematics).  Co-op student serving two
  12/80     tours of duty.  Final assignment involved enhancing a curve
	    fitting method used in generating interactive graphic plot
	    of binaryİmetal alloy phase diagrams for the metallurgists
	    at NBS. First tour of duty dealt with creating and
	    maintaining a data base for a survey conducted jointly by
	    the Bureau and IBM on mathematical software. Results were
	    tabulated in Fortran.

 1979-81    Part-time employment included running the U.S. Customs
	    Service's Payroll and Revenue accounting computer, and
	    tutoring students on the University of Maryland's Univac

MILITARY    DOD-STD-480A Configuration Control Engineering Changes,
STANDARDS   Deviations, Waivers (ECPs); Management Practices for Systems, 
	    Equipment, Munitions and Computer Software; MIL-STD-1397 
	    Protocol for NTDS Interfaces; DOD-STD-1679A on Software 
	    Development for Defense Systems; DOD-STD-2167A on Software 
	    Development Practices

	    LOYOLA COLLEGE                             Baltimore, MD

 1990-94    Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in
	    decision science and information systems. GPA 3.7. 

	    UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND                     College Park, MD

 1978-82    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, associated
	    coursework in Mathematics and Physics. Member General
	    Honors Program.

TRAINING    Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Government
	      Contracting and Procurement Practices
	    LAN's Architectures, Bus and Ring Protocols and Data
	    Cryptography and Security of Computer Systems Data
	      Encryption Standards (DES), Public and Private Key
	      Management & Access Control Policies
	    ADA Software Engineering Object Oriented Design
	    Structured Testing McCabe Methodology
	    Object Oriented Analysis and Design with C++

	 Professional and Personal References Furnished Upon Request

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