David D. Johnston
15028 Cherrywood Drive                                  
Laurel, MD 20707                                    U.S. Citizen
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Objective: Seek position that will use both my technical and
           business management skills.

                  Summary of Qualifications

- Experienced software developer and systems engineer with over 15
  years of experience.
- Proficient on a variety of hardware platforms ranging from
  mainframes to desktop machines.
- Completed Master's degree program with a G.P.A. of 3.7 while
  working full-time, making use of the Internet to conduct research
  for academic papers and presentations.
- Flexible, able to adapt to changing requirements while
  maintaining a high quality of service.

                 Relevant Skills & Accomplishments

Software Design/Development

- Mastered complex software systems that often required reverse 
  engineering of designs to construct  an understandable
  explanation  of the underlying system, given imprecise
- Ported legacy or established software packages from mainframe
  systems to UNIX or PC workstations.
- Analyzed, coded and maintained real-time software for several
  guided missile programs for the U.S. Navy and Air Force.  Tested
  and implemented display and control modules for these systems. 


- Opened up lines of communication between traditionally
  independent technical groups.
- Prepared presentations to both junior and senior personnel to
  explain complex issues.
- Able to grasp a wide variety of issues ranging from those of a
  technical or scientific nature to political, economic or
  financial issues.  Researched these issues using both traditional
  and new methods including public and commercial on-line search
  and retrieval services.

Project Administration and Development

- Coordinated design, coding and documentation changes for a data
  analysis and reduction program for the Surface and Ground
  Launched Cruise Missile (SLCM & GLCM) TOMAHAWK project.
- Prepared and led product demonstrations to Air Force and NASA
- Generated software change proposals to enhance existing systems
  and suggested new areas to develop. 

                     Computer Skills

C++, C, Fortran, Pascal, Ada, Unix, Ultra-16, ROLM 1666 Assembler and
Univac 1100 Assembler.  Software packages used include network
monitoring software such as HP OpenView. Familiar with http, ftp, 
and Internet browser tools,  as well as the companion HTML language.  
Used Lexis and Westlaw legal search tools as well.


HP 9000/755, SCO and SUN UNIX workstations, Vax 8600 and 11/785
under VMS, Rolm 1666 (DG NOVA), Masscomp (Concurrent) 5500 series,
IBM & UNISYS mainframes, IBM PCs, and Apple Macintosh. 

                    Employment History

1995-Present  Systems Engineer               Raytheon Systems Corp
1990-1995     Sr. Member of Technical Staff  Computer Sciences Corp
1988-1990     Software Engineer              OAO Corporation 
1982-1988     Computer Programmer            Vitro Corporation 


M.B.A., elective courses taken in Finance and Entrepreneurship -
        Loyola College, Baltimore, MD, 1994
B.S., Computer Science, minor in Math and Physics - University of
      Maryland, College Park, MD, 1982

           e-mail: djohnsto@his.com