Albert Samuel Johnston

Born in Holdrege, Nebraska
July 1, 1894
Died in Lincoln, Nebraska
March 7, 1960

Early Family History

Albert Samuel Johnston was born July 1, 1894 in Holdrege, Nebraska.

He is the 6th child of James Bishop Johnston, a farmer and a fervent believer in the gold standard. Albert's grandfather, also named James Bishop Johnston, was a minister.

Albert had many cousins, 100 first cousins in fact. He grew up on a farm five miles south of Holdrege, NE where the crops were a mixture of corn and wheat with major emphasis on raising Herford Cattle.

Albert's Education and Family

Albert graduated from Holdrege High School in 1911. Graduated from Kearney State Teachers College in 1915. Taught school McGrew, NE where he was one of two teachers in the High School and served as Superintendent of this small school system. In 1920, Albert Samuel Johnston graduated from the University of Nebraska Law College and married Juanita Lucile Campbell.

Albert's Legal Career

Joined the law firm of Burkett, Wilson, Brown and Burkett in Lincoln, NE. Later joined the Law Office of Claude Wilson. In the mid 1920's established his own law practice, taking associates from time to time (including his oldest son, Albert Martin). Practice principly was in real estate and probate. Served as compiler of the Nebraska Revised Statues in the mid 1950's. Appointed a bank receiver during the 1930's. Was General Counsel for the Old Line Life Insurance Company and the American Life Insurance Company, as well as General Agent of Farmers Mutual of Nebraska all of Lincoln, NE.

Albert's Residences

Moved from the Yolo Apartments in the spring of 1923 to a purchased five room bunalo at 2915 South 20th Street which was the only house on the block.

In October of 1927, after years of planning and designing, Juanita and Albert moved to the home at 3024 Georgian Court. The house was built using three tons of marble, slate and Indiana limestone purchased from stone remaining after the construction on the State Capitol building! Their home incorporated many advanced architectural ideas. The house had 7 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms (3 full, 2 half) and a two car garage. The home was designed by A. Raymond Ellis, Architect.

In 1943, the family moved to 1971 D Street (the original Fitzgerald home on Emerald Hill, a development facing the Plymouth Congegational Church) during the gasoline shortage of World War II where Juanita lived until 1986.

The immediate descendants of Albert and Juanita included three children, 10 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

Civic and Social Activities

Albert had always been active in community affairs and organizations. He was active in the First Baptist Church, Lincoln, NE and Chairman of theNebraska Baptist Laymen. Was General Counsel for the Nebraska Baptist Convention. An active Mason where he was Master of Lincoln, Lodge #8, a 32nd Degree member Scottish Rite Valley of Lincoln as well as the Shrine Sesostris Temple, Lincoln, NE. Served as Worth Patron of Electra Chapter #8, Order of the Eastern Star, Lincoln, NE, 1958. Long time member and President of the Lincoln Optimist Club.

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